HYDRA’s drug delivery platform "SPARx" is designed to transfer therapeutic agent to targeted areas of the body.   The SPARx technology mobilizes therapeutic agents into the target tissue upon treatment, and does not require time for the therapeutic agent to diffuse in order to be active. It is securely deposited within the target without any fear of loss or washout. This enhanced delivery method allow physicians to incorporate our angioplasty and sinuplasty drug platform in the treatment of such indications as coronary, above and below the knee peripheral vascular disease, and ENT chronic sinusitis.

Our platform technology enable pharmaceuticals to securely and quickly enter your tissue directly at intended target in order to minimize the time for drugs to take effect.  These devices are developed to be compatible with multiple pharmaceutical agents, is tunable for precision dosing and could potentially allow reevaluation of clinical drug protocols. 

CV-SPARx Angioplasty is poised to be the first drug coated angioplasty system to be accepted int he US coronary artery disease (CAD) market. Angioplasty based technologoy are common outpatient percutaneous procedures that are minimally invasive and repeatable.   Hydra eliminates the need for arterial stent implants in the heart and legs and subsequently eliminate the need for life long use of anti-clotting drugs.

ENT-SPARx sinuplasty is designed for physicians to offer an in-office treatment to lower cost and give patient comfort.

Hydra produces the most innovative medical tools for the needs of many clinical indications without compromising the quality of life of our patients. We provide devices to treat complex clinical needs.